Intelligent Solutions
for Demanding Real Estates Investments.
We at per invest are pleased to be able to offer you a wide range of services along the entire property value chain as a modern office of expertise.
We are at your side from finding the right property, financing, transaction, management and administration, as well as planning and project development of property projects.
Customised. Value-Adding. Holistic Investment Approach.
per invest was founded in 2020 as a competence office for property services with a focus on private and institutional clients who want to get the most out of investments in German property assets.

Based on many years of expertise in local property combined with a young, excellence-oriented drive with a global perspective, per invest aims to create sustainable new value with smart property investments.
Investment Opportunities.
Property is considered a safe investment because for centuries it has satisfied the need for space for living and design, trade and crafts, healing and prosperity. Real estate derives its value from the finite nature of its resource and its immobility, just as the name implies.
Our services are the result of expertise, experience and commitment. We offer a variety of services designed to help you achieve your goals, whether in property investment, business management or other areas.
Ideas and plans should be followed by action. That is why completed transactions and realised projects ultimately count. We are proud to be constantly expanding our list of references. Take a look at some of our completed transactions and properties from our existing portfolio as well as realised and current project developments.
Our news section is your first key to the latest, most relevant information about the industry. The property industry is dynamic and complex. We therefore want to keep you up to date with our insights and analyses.
We look forward to new acquaintances, promising ideas and exciting conversation.
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"An investment in always
knowledge pays the
best interest."
Benjamin Franklin

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