Customised. Value-Adding. Holistic Investment Approach.
per invest was founded in 2020 as a competence office for real estate services with a focus on private and institutional clients who want to get the most out of investments in German real estate assets. Based on many years of expertise in local property combined with a young, excellence-oriented drive with a global perspective, per invest aims to create sustainable new value with intelligent real estate investments.

per invest was founded in 2020 as a competence office for real estate services with a focus on private and institutional clients who want to get the most out of investments in German property assets.

However, we are by no means newcomers to this sector:

The team behind per invest has been active in the property sector since the early 90s. We used to do our first renovations ourselves, using a hammer, drill, and roller. Per Immobilien GmbH, our real estate agent and property management company, has been a trusted address in Stuttgart since 1997 and continues to be so today. Because of this, we have been able to accumulate experience over a period of more than 30 years, which covers the whole range of the property business and distinguishes us from the relevant competition, especially in terms of technical depth. Ever since, we have been handling each potential challenge along the whole property value chain.

In order to broaden our horizons and, most importantly, enable our new partners to gain from our many years of experience, we made the decision to use this capital not just for ourselves but also to make it available to a wide variety of interested parties worldwide.

Proven Expertise
complemented by young dynamism and an interdisciplinary approach
We combine our youthful employees' energy, curiosity, and daring to create with our over thirty years of comprehensive experience in the building and real estate sectors. However, our specialists are not limited to the construction and property sectors. Rather, we bring a wide range of profiles and experiences to the table, including finance, controlling, strategic purchasing, consulting, and various academic specializations, as well as experience abroad. This diversity enables us to think from different perspectives and approach problems creatively, which gives us a clear competitive advantage.
Open-Mindedness and Diversity

As per invest, equal opportunities are important to us, and we regard diversity as one of our strengths. We value the different cultures in our team and aim for an even more global orientation in the future. Our aim is to create an inclusive environment in which everyone can develop their talents and feel respected and valued.
Trust as the Basis for Successful Cooperation
As a family-run company, it is a great honour for us when our clients, business partners and employees appreciate the open, honest and trusting cooperation that we cultivate. We would like this to continue in the future. In everything we do, we attach great importance to integrity and treat your concerns with the seriousness and care they deserve.
All Conceivable
Issues from A to Z.
From acquisition advisory, construction management, financing, material selection or portfolio management and revenue optimization.On the basis of many years of experience, professional diversity and a view of the big picture, we are able to provide individual support for successful property investments across the entire range of the property industry and to stand out from the relevant competition in terms of technical depth. We decided to use this capital not only for ourselves, but offer it to a global pool of stakeholders, so we can broaden our horizons with global business ties while convincing more customers of our expertise in the field of European Real Estate.
Board of Directors
Our success is based on the spirit, values, ideas and commitment of our founders.

Personality is an essential factor for us as a family-run company.
We recognise the importance of every single person who has accompanied us since then and are committed to growing together.

We strive to value not only the tangible assets that our clients entrust us with, but also the intangible assets that allow us to progress and flourish as a community.

We stand for this at per invest literally with our name.
Kazim Per & Deniz Per

Managing Partners and Co-Founders

Because we want to be recognised by our partners, stakeholders and clients as a responsible, transparent company management that is geared towards long-term success, we focus intensively on the topic of corporate governance. In addition to operational compliance with national and international regulations in our business relationships, we base our actions both internally and externally on the principles of the German Corporate Governance Code (DCGK) of the Government Commission and the ICG's specifications for compliance management in the property industry.   In addition, we always endeavour to take sustainable aspects into account in our recommendations and project planning and construction projects, particularly with regard to social development, environmental protection and resource conservation.
Our continuous expansion into new business areas and regions, always with the aim of offering our investors a comprehensive service portfolio of the highest quality, is also accompanied by new challenges. In order to fulfil these special requirements to the highest degree, we make targeted investments in the further development of our team.

We are always pleased to meet people who are enthusiastic. Choosing and directing your career are in your hands.

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